Polka Dots & Cherries Printed Vinyl Decal Set

Polka Dots & Cherries Printed Vinyl Decal Set

$13.99 $18.99


Our popular vinyl decals for your mixer have been featured on sites like Zulily and Pinterest. Our newer printed decals take the concept to a new level. Our printed decals are even easier to install and can be cleaned just like your mixer, are water resistant, and can be removed later when you're ready for new decals! Choose any color for the polka dots and either a glossy or matte finish!

Have an idea for a design? Let us know. We can design you something from scratch!

Our decals are high quality and wont fade or peel off easily. We provide instructions to help you install your decal with your order. Want a new decal later down the line? No Problem! Our vinyl can be removed much later without causing damage to the surface! Feel free to contact us with any of your questions, custom orders, or just to say hi ;).

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